Friday, September 13, 2013

Travel Day One = Great! Two...not so much.

Home feels good after 2 long days of travel. Will give you day one before I start to unpack as my helpers need a few more minutes to finish up breakfast.

Wednesday morning started before 3 a.m. with breakfast and getting carry-ons in the truck. Thanks to Dad and Mom for getting us to the airport. Made it at 4:30 as requested to check in for our international flight.

Cory had checked in the Thedes but the computer did not like my hyphenated name so I checked in at the airport. This interestingly put them in boarding group 2 and me in 4. But we just had them take the heavy carry-ons and I carried a couple personal bags.

Check in-smooth and no charge for our 3 'second bags'! Said our good byes. Breezed through security for our first and only time of the day. Left on time for Chicago.

Chicago-a short walk to the next gate where we had our longest wait of the day. Thankfully we did have an hour to wait as one child discovered that they'd left a gameboy on the plane. Gameboy retrieved we boarded the second flight to Orlando.

In Orlando we stepped off the plane and moved over one gate for plane number two. Enough time for bathroom break, leg stretch, and snack.

Miami's walk took a bit longer but it felt good to stretch. No airport seemed overly crowed. Anna and I grabbed our skirts and went to change. By the time we returned folks were boarding the plane. This plane surprisingly looked over 1/2 empty.

Haiti, on time with all bags! Connected outside with the gentleman with our truck keys. He even walked to the gate to let the man know that the person who dropped the truck off had payed for parking as we did not have the ticket.

Traffic in Port-au-Prince was not to bad-did not sit for hours only minutes in a couple of locations. Then we were off heading down the coast to the Ortlip Center for the night. Made it just in time to see the sun sink behind the sea. After unloading we enjoyed spaghetti supper and were in bed by 8!

Day two travel did not stick to plan A as a major detour doubled our expected travel time and took us into new territory. I'll try to post it later along with some pictures once I find the camera cord...

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