Saturday, August 3, 2013

Youth conference and packing up.

A hot, steamy Saturday morning finds us cleaning, packing while a business meeting occurs out in the yard at the District Youth Conference.

Anna and Cecilia finally saw a second baby born after spending hours down at clinic yesterday afternoon waiting for him to come, a healthy baby boy.

Thursday afternoon the young people listened to the first aid talk that focused on splinting, treating hemorrhages and transportation of patients. 

Cory and I followed a few of the men in the truck on a race to Port-Margot and back in the heat of yesterday. The pastors riding in the back of the truck handed out water and encouragement.

Two suitcases stand packed and ready to head to Michigan. Packing to go to the USA does not compare at all to the task of packing supplies to return to Haiti.

Already this week the mail traffic at Kris's folks increased as on-line shopping results start to arrive, to be placed in the to-go-to-Haiti pile. 

The dragon fruit arbor continued with the uncovering of the final pillar and then placing two tires around the pillars in the yard. We hope that the tires will protect the plants from feet, hoses, lawn mower, dogs and children. 

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Missus Wookie said...

Hope the tires work well, glad to see you are giving first aid as well as fellowship :)