Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One more week...

Fun with our pastor's kids. 

Northern District of Wesleyan Church of Haiti's Youth conference started yesterday so the energy, activity and noise level of campus increased!

Although Pastor Rigo shopped for the conference this week as of yesterday afternoon he still did not know how many people planned to attend.

We will be speaking at some point, checking blood pressures and teaching some first aid.

How she really carried the box!
Cecilia and Anna spend mornings down in clinic, while Cory, Eli and I focus on office / paperwork.

A few light rains helped to green up campus as the area started to brown in the intense summer sun.

Translation continues daily and good progress is being made on both books.

Suitcases dusted off and sitting open, as a small pile of items starts to accumulate in the 'to-go' pile.

School subjects being completed for the year daily as we plan to be 100% finished on Friday!

Ordering of next year's school books started this week.

Ordering of items needed to be shipped to my folk's so we can bring them back with us in September-started.

Scanning Creole medical protocols [and finding some into the computer to help out the LaGonave hospital.

Need to find a Sonlight Core C box to loan to friends for their new school year.

Thanks for the prayers.

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