Monday, August 5, 2013

Last hours before the USA.

What does our last full day at home look like as we prepare for a month visit to the USA?

  • Last minute laundry that hopefully drys so it will not mold while we're gone.
  • E-mail update out to support team to get our prayer coverage in place.
  • Packing up items to go with us, importantly: passports, adoption papers, licenses, credit cards, shopping list, to-do list, computer, last minute items that we need but can't print here because of the death of the printer.
  • Office items like July's accounting and next year's budget.
  • Putting out pet food for the month.
  • Payroll
  • Cleaning out the refrigerators and freezer so that they can be shut down.
  • Packing some snack foods for tomorrow's lunch.
  • Giving away food or packaging up food so bugs do not party while we are gone.
  • Last minute editing meeting about the Konsey book 
  • Planting dragon fruit plants in the new locations so they can grow while we are gone.
  • Getting together the papers for the editing of the heath and ag. books so we can work on them in the USA.
  • Straightening and finishing cleaning the house for our house setters.
  • Give away the donation box sitting in my bedroom.
  • Checking bags going to the USA to make sure small liquids are in plastic bags, scissors removed from my cross-stitching.
  • Making sure that all electronics travel with their charge/cord buddies.
  • Checking the flight times tomorrow and making sure folks we need to met at the airport know when we'll be there. 
  • Confirming schedules and plans for the rest of the week/ month. 
  • Good-byes 

And what interesting events are planned for our visit to the USA?
 Dragon Fruit Plants

  • Celebrating with my family my brother's graduation from IWU with his masters.
  • Final notarization and authentication of our adoption documents.
  • Shopping-including school books, Book Herder Project books.
  • Library visits!
  • Orthodontist and passport renewal with Anna
  • Driver license renewal
  • County Fair
  • Fingerprints for background checks
  • Visiting 5 supporting churches 
  • One team meeting
  • Celebrating birthdays.
  • Warm showers. 
  • Foods we do not get here: ice cream, green beans, broccoli, bagels, sweet corn, blue berries, peaches, apples, Chinese, frozen peas, cereal other than plain cornflakes........
  • Visiting family and friends.

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Missus Wookie said...

Safe travels. Enjoy your time in the US.

P.S. Your comment about the bugs partying made me smile :)