Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cottage Family Fun and blessings.

After working on editing the book and the art work for the first part of the week we headed North to Cory's family cottage Wednesday night.

After Cory and I answered some questions for a team planning to visit us in November.

My folks drove up with our children and my brother's family arrived a bit later than us.

On Thursday we spent a few hours canoeing / kayaking on the Pierre Marquette river.

As we waited for the bus to take us to the river one of the workers came out to let us know how much she was enjoying listening to us laugh!

And laugh we did-down the river, around the lake, up the hill, in the morning until the evening hours!

Good food, fellowship and making memories.

Thanks Mom and Dad Thede for letting us hang out at the cottage!

With the new school year starting in the next couple weeks for our children and continued ministry the most meaningful time was sharing in prayer as a family with each child and couple sitting before Mom and Dad and getting a personal prayer while they held our hands.

So very thankful for our families who brought us up with a focus on faith and family.

Stopped in at the VA to visit with Great grandpa Warren on the way back and say our good-byes.

Sorted through E-mails, mail and packages while unloading, putting away and organizing.

Thankful to see the pretty gold California seals on our official home study copies! One last document to be authenticated.

 Heading down to South Bend, IN tomorrow to share with the church we attended during my residency.

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