Monday, August 26, 2013

Start of Eli's birthday celebrations.

Due to busy schedules of our families getting ready to start school next week we celebrated Eli's 16th birthday early this past weekend with Cory's family at the family cottage.

Then we enjoyed sharing with both the children and adults at the Northgate church and finished up our visit with fellowship during the church potluck.

With only 17 days left before our return to Haiti we continue to work on the book editing and shopping.

Will start packing to return next week.

We pray that our last 2 adoption documents arrive soon so we can move forward.

School supplies arrived last week so need to double check the list and make sure we are ready to start school when we return home.

We plan to take off the end of this week and spend some time with Kris's family up at the cottage.

Will continue to celebrate Eli's birthday as on the actual date, Sept. 3 all the cousins will be heading off to school.

Sounds like it will be warm and humid-what we're used to!

Both Eli and Anna enjoyed the water but to cold for me!

I did get down to just a light jacket but not for very long.

We will also be meeting this week with a team planning to come visit us in November.

Please remember to keep our friends back home in your prayers as well.

Cory spoke to Jean Pierre this week but the connection made it hard to hear.

Please remember the team on LaGonave as well in your prayers as they prepare for the dedication of the new hospital, the last weekend of September.

Know that the list of things to do to finish as well as prepare for visitors coming to celebrate with the staff is long and can produce stressful situations.

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