Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Women's Conference

Cloudy out with the birds singing and doves cooing.

Last weekend we enjoyed worship from outside the church building as the women filled it to overflowing.

Over 300 women and their children filled the campus with chatter and praise throughout the week of conference.

Cory and the guys found that even church ladies get a bit pushy when it came time to hand out information, artemisia cuttings, star fruits and other goodies.

Monday morning Cory drove a few of them to Limbée to met the bus taking them home.

Work continued on the cement garden supports, the Creole books and the end of our school year.

Yesterday Cory completed the truck's yearly paperwork, very thankful this year to be able to register in Cap Haitian instead of the long trip to Port-au-Prince.

He also picked up Cecilia, a medical student who will be visiting for the next couple of weeks.

Campus is quiet this week but next week the district hopes to welcome 200 young people for their conference. Praying for the needed finances for so many to come.

 Both Cory and I plan to speak to the young people during their visit.

Like many places in the world, children brought up in the church often decide in their late teens / early twenties to spend their time doing other things and leave the church.

We pray that the Lord will provide the leadership with the wisdom and resources to make next week a week of encouragement, learning, growing faith, and challenge.

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Missus Wookie said...

Hoping that the finances and inspiration both come for next week's young people's conference. I remember my attendance at such things was a big reason for me continuing as a Quaker through that period of my life.