Saturday, July 27, 2013

July winding down.

Busy with school, editing, and projects but not really any major items.

One week break between the women's conference and the young people's which will start on Tuesday.

Anna's continues to practice volleyball in the mornings a good time not only to exercise the body but to work on good sportsmanship skills.

This week Anna's been spending the mornings translating for Cecilia down at clinic.

The first morning they watched a baby be born. Yesterday they hoped for a repeat experience but after hanging out for hours they came up for a bit of lunch about 2 p.m.

When they returned to clinic they found the lady was to travel to Limbée on motorcycle to finish her labor and delivery. [Not sure why but she was a first timer, being induced, not real big??]

Pillar number four joined the fruit arbor. Cory also planted 4 new types of exotic fruit seeds from Ecuador this week and 2 other types that he recently received that include more peach palm.

Today we plan to head to the beach with the girls [Eli's opting out for some 'personal time'] and continue on paperwork.

USA trip countdown stands at 10 days so plenty to do.

Reflective post at my second blog, The Start.

If you would like to try to meet with us during our time in the US please let us know.

You can find our speaking schedule here: Sunday sharing. Updated when we learn details.

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