Thursday, July 18, 2013

Three pillars, faster road, art and banana seeds?

Life continues running in parallel with the women's conference with little interactions throughout the day.

A request for plants, to unlock the guest house after the key was left in, borrow the truck, the generator to pump water, what about some bananas and star fruit, mind if we take some flowers, [they didn't ask but did harvest the moringa by the house], could you drive us to town on Monday......

Meanwhile continuing is school, volleyball, library, work on the books, winding up plans for the USA.

After 7 or more requests for Eli or Anna to pump up volleyballs and soccer balls yesterday we sent down an inflation needle for John Pierre's ball pump.

For fun Cory grew a large ornamental, black plantain [not really a banana I know]. While it did turn out to be edible the fruit contains a lot of seeds and the bunch turned out small!

After a quick trip to the Limbèe bank [Cory actually made it there before the bank opened thanks to the newly graded road!] Cory and the men continued on the arbor project by pouring the third pillar.

No unexpected problems now that they learned how to properly pour pillars and have a system.

We asked three young men to work on illustrations for the reprint of the Konsey health book.

Today Anna, Eli and I also tried to draw a few.

Will be a whole new look and I also added several new topics into the main body of the book.

Cory and Fre. Alert are working hard on final proofreading, while Andy works on the devotionals for the second book.

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