Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trip to Port Margot: health clinic, courthouse, and market.

I do not find paperwork and homework very exciting to blog about so forgive me for stretching the posting times a bit. The end results from the office work will be exciting!

Saturday, the morning spent cleaning and doing paperwork. Afternoon filled with family time and some paperwork.

'Courthouse' with flag behind Cory.
Sunday we attended church with Anna attending children's church. The afternoon we watched the first episodes of the History Channel's Bible that someone sent to the missionaries. We watched it with a Bible in hand and paused occasionally to read the stories.

Monday started with paperwork at 6 a.m. which continued throughout the day with a few breaks for school, dealing with folks at the door, a couple walks down to lab, and some exercise. All that hard work resulted in five envelopes ready to be delivered to Tuesday's MFI mail bag to the USA.

Tuesday we continued with some more paperwork and homework that needs to be done before the social worker's visit. We learned early in the week that she did confirm flights into Haiti on June 17th! She will stay here 2 nights before traveling to another part of Haiti for 2 nights with another family.

Today our family and Genner drove to Port Margot at 10 o'clock. Earlier research indicated that Eli and Anna, being children, could have TB skin tests at the public health clinic. After we walked in an explained to a nice lady what we needed, she led us past rows of waiting mom's and children to the lab.

The lab person sat at an empty desk and quickly preformed the tests. Because Dr. Jean Pierre works at our clinic on campus we will be able to just walk down the hill on Friday morning for the results.

Next stop basically the local courthouse. Earlier Cory talked with one of the local police man about our need for a police letter and learned we would need to see the justice of the peace as the local police station is currently closed.

Across the river from market.
Before we reached the office the judge saw us and looked over our paperwork right beside the truck. He let us know what paperwork we needed 'Certificate of Good Life and Manners' is the literal translation and how much it would cost.

While the paperwork was being processed we proceeded to market where Genner, Cory and Anna shopped while Eli and I read in the truck.

Then back to the office for a bit of a wait and more reading. Not as long as Cory thought however and we returned home by lunch time.

With the help of the computer I translated the French document into English and will ask our French teacher to help with a couple of rough spots before E-mailing the agency. We will either mail the documents or hand them to the social worker during her visit.

Cory will be trying to call the Embassy to learn about fingerprint processing.

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