Friday, May 31, 2013

Moringa visit.

See if I can get this post written and posted before the thunderclouds reduce the internet or move so close we need to unplug all electronics.

Yesterday each of us spent most of the day studying or working on paperwork.

We remain hopeful that our home study social worker will firm up tickets to visit us the week of June 17 and therefore started on the 'new' list of documents and forms that we need to complete and sign for this step of the process.

Eli and Anna continue to work on school as just over two months remain in our school 'year.'

Today for a change of pace we hosted a short visit from some Americans and Haitian pastors working in Cap Haitian who wanted to learn more about Moringa.

Well they learned about Moringa and more in the few hours of their visit and we enjoyed chatting over lunch. During lunch they were able to try miracle fruit which we currently have many of, star fruit, mulberries and bilimbe.

They left with Moringa seeds and cuttings, mulberry cuttings, chaya cuttings, a breadfruit tree and malay apple tree.

Wednesday after French class Alert discussed with me some of the additions for the Creole Konsey book. Thankful to start winding down this project and getting it into shape to publish again.

Glad to share knowledge and samples with others working around Haiti.


Moringa Delight said...

As the Star fruit is to the “miracle fruit”, as Moringa is to the “miracle tree”. The latter has a powerhouse of nutritional value that has more vitamin C that can be found in oranges, more calcium that can be found in milk and carrots, twice the protein in milk and potassium in bananas. Thus, it's the best weapon to combat malnutrition, fight impurities and toxins, and boost digestion.

Solomon Anzenge said...
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Solomon Anzenge said...

I wish I was there with you in Haiti! I am excited to see that you gave Moringa trees out for FREE to the people there...
We give out FREE EBOOK(50 PAGE) to anyone who requests at
Someday, we would start giving out FREE MORINGA TREES too.
May God continue to bless the work of your hands in Haiti.
We love you!
The solomons