Saturday, June 8, 2013

Clean curtains?!?! Technically, Yes.

Those of you familiar with adoption home studies likely know that the recommendation for house cleaning runs along the lines of ‘do what you normally do’.......

However in my opinion the motivation of a social worker’s visit to check out one’s home, is a once in a life time motivational opportunity on par with having a coupon for a free gallon of  delectable chocolate ice cream.

Why would I not use this chance to spruce up the house?!?

Generally we aim for a clean house but not immaculate not being willing to put in the time, effort and cost to maintain that level of clean preferring to channel those resources into learning, family time or doing other things.

That being said, most of you who know me know that my Dutch cleaning genes do kick into a higher gear when teams or family come, especially my mom or mother-in-law.

One task that generally occurs before one of their visits did not occur this year despite both of them visiting at different times this winter/spring. My curtains did not get washed.

So this task landed on the list I’m calling ‘in honor of the home visit’ list. Knowing the dangers of putting off jobs like this one until the last minute [after all we could get a few days of rain making laundry problematic] we decided that yesterday’s sunny afternoon would work well to accomplish the task.

Cory, the family expert on stain removal [Interestingly the neatest person in the family who’s clothing almost appears to resist stains.] tackled the job with reportedly ‘the utmost care and delicate handling’. Ok maybe not in those words but he did said he was careful.

[After proofing this Cory wished to add he hand washed these and then used the kind, 'gentle' front load washer to complete the job]

I feel that the evidence speaks for it’s self and tells a much different story!

He claims that the sun must have weaken the cloth. Funny curtains from widows facing 3 different directions all suffered from strong sun.....

I know some strong laundry ladies who could rub a stain so hard that it, as well as the cloth disappeared. While Cory is strong, suspect the stain remover was stronger.

The goal of washing the curtains did occur. And the remaining remanents are much cleaner!

If I did not trust him I’d say he’s trying to get out of ever washing curtains again.

These did not have fringe before the wash!
Considering that the chore only occurs in this house on average once a year I find this avoidance tactic a bit overdramatic.

Thankfully we still have one week to see what we can come up with for curtains.

Wonder if my sewing machine still works?

Time to get creative and 'make do'.


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Ok Kris. I'm going to reference this post every time I even consider washing curtains...and just NOT do it ;-)