Monday, June 10, 2013

Curtain and weekend follow-up.

Monday's school day finished with our French lesson. Eli's out playing football [soccer] and Anna's heading for volleyball. Cory's on the computer doing more adoption home work and I'

Saturday we cleaned some more and worked on the curtains. By cutting off the bottom of 2 of the living room valences they will work for a while.

The fringed kitchen curtains I could not do anything with so we will 'make-do' for a while with a couple from Anna's room.

When we went on our trip to Port Margot we let Eli and Anna each pick out a Creole hymnal of their own.

We'd talked about this now and then over the years but Cory didn't often see them in market. This man sold them near the courthouse and the kid's were able to pick the type they preferred.

We gave them as gifts for International Day of the Child...which we still have not celebrated on campus but know some areas in Haiti celebrated last week.

Today on advice from one of his men Cory traveled to Limbée to the bank and some shopping.

While we questioned a bit why the bank would not be busy on Monday's Cory decided to try it and found the long lines he'd hoped to avoid.

With time he completed his banking, received a new bank book and requested a bank letter needed for our adoption paperwork.

Picking up the letter will mean a second trip to Limbée unless we combined it with one of next week's trip.

We do have very nice flowers to help distract one's eyes from the curtains!!

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Missus Wookie said...

Lovely flowers and making do. Hope you can combine picking up the letter with another trip and that Monday was quieter at the bank.