Friday, June 14, 2013


Well the week ends as it, home study homework, school.

Not much to report so I thought I'd thank the Lord: [in no special order]

  • Thankful for mail this week including an official copy of Cory's birth certificate that our social worker needs to see in person next week.
  • Thankful for a great book that Sonlight suggested for summer reading-that we purchased for the Kindle as a thank you to the kids for the extra cleaning...that I spend hours reading today to get to  30% done.
  • Thankful for a family who's pitched in daily for cleaning and organizing.
  • Thankful for getting one more church lined up for our time in the USA.
  • Thankful for a couple different folks asking via E-mail for Haiti agricultural advice.
  • Thankful for progress on the corrections/addition for the Creole Health book.
  • Thankful my folk's internet is working again so we can stay in touch.
  • Thankful for encouraging E-mails and a great support team.
  • Thankful for a good week of school even though it is hard to hear about so many folks finishing up their year when we still have a couple months to go.
  • Thankful for solar power, fans, internet. 
  • Thankful for running water and cool showers.
  • Thankful for sounds of my children laughing as they play with friends.
  • Thankful for chocolate.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Great post! Glad to see that chocolate made the list. Really excited to see how God is taking you through the many steps of this adoption process! Thanks for sharing your stories. Praying for you guys.