Thursday, May 16, 2013

Travel, LaGonave, Malay apples and a baby bird.

No more clinic days this week so I managed to focus on school.

Plane tickets purchased so the countdown started.

By squeezing in 5 'extra' days of school we can be done with the year by the first week of August leaving time to pack for our flight north on August 6th.

[As Eli and Anna do not read the blog I can write that if we don't fit in those days it will be OK, I just read that many teachers call it a year at the 75-80% mark! No problem.]

Cory made it back from LaGonave on Tuesday. Pastor Dan 'happened' to have a extra battery sitting around so no more truck problems.

People called out asking for the bread fruit trees as the guys drove through Anse-a-Galet.

Cory reports rain in the mountains so the island looks green. They discussed planting a demonstration garden.

Cory took a trip up the mountain to see some of Starfysh's work.

They also visited a World Vision vegetable garden project.

Cory also delivered a couple boxes of medical supplies and medication that LaGonave shared with Fauche. Thank you!

Good sea travel both directions!

The Book Herder project is just shy of lending it's 100th book!

Anna traded 3 mangos for a baby bird on Monday.

Phoenix continues to do well being fed moistened cat food bits during the day.

 Downloaded photos indicate that I neglected to show you our first Malay Apple crop.



The Bronkema Family... said...

Looks like Anna made a good trade! Girl after my own heart. Yeaaaa for tickets purchased and the 100 mark for Eli's project! Good stuff!

Clean Water for Haiti said...

Those are beautiful fruit! I wish I was up there to help sample...

Barbara Heyd said...

Looks like our jambo, in Brasil - I am looking forward to tasting those again, now that they are in season, after 38 years!!!

Missus Wookie said...

Yeah for 100th book, baby birds, good sea travel and fun looking tasty fruit.