Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The bird, bamboo and garden.

Anna's bird, Phenix is learning to fly well and today had to be fished out of trees a few times with a long bamboo pole. 
We hope it is ready to release completely tomorrow but we don't know yet if it will learn to find its own food.

 Cory visited a nearby ravine to see what could be done about a request for bamboo plants to stabilize a where it is eroding its banks. They decided to wait until the fall rainy season to do the planting since summer tends to be the driest part of the year. 
  Cory is trying another bamboo propagation method at the clinic garden where a clump of bamboo was blamed for making the trail to the latrine too dark at night so about 3/4 of it was cut back.
A few wheelbarrow loads of charcoal soil/sawdust mix held in place with a cut up sack skirt should allow rooted stems to be cut and separated in a few months.
 A neighbor of the campus has shown that even the local heavy clay can grow peppers, okra, and bananas if given some irrigation and planted with compost.

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