Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Three days of visitors followed by 2 days of celebrations means it is time to get back to 'normal'.

After the Irvines and Holly headed back home on Saturday we spent the day doing little chores, a bit of school, correspondence and family time.

Sunday, Haiti celebrated Mother's Day/Family Day in church. The young people led the service and pointed out that while the day focused on moms it really celebrates families. At greeting time most of the young people headed to the section where the vast majority of the moms sat to give hugs and a kiss on the cheek.

Now it is not required that the ladies sit in the right, front of the church but they start out there because it is where the lady's Sunday school class meets and with hardly a minute break between Sunday school and church [during which no one gets up or moves unless part of the worship team] most remain in their seat for church.

We generally sit in the back, left so I can quietly translate the main points of the sermon as we want make sure Eli and Anna understand the message and I do not want to be more of a distraction by sitting up front.

Still a few of the young people made a specific effort to come and greet me, while Eli and Anna headed to the front. Following church the ladies were asked to remain behind for a few minutes.

As a 'gesture' of love the young people had purchase a bag of hard candy for a 'small sweet taste' gift for the mom's. On the first pass each mom received 4 small pieces of fruit or mint hard candy. Then because some candy remained each of us received one more piece.

Because Pastor Jonas's wife was not doing well she did not come to service but on my walk home I passed their house and saw her in the kitchen area. I greeted her and passed on my candy as she had not been there to receive hers.

Throughout Monday we remembered not only the men and women who protect freedom through serving their country but also Cory and mine 18th wedding anniversary.

Heavy and light rains over the last 7 days bring the rainfall amount up to 7.5 inches for us. Thankfully some of the rains have blessed other parts of Haiti that needed it badly.


Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Happy belated anniversary :) Great family pic! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Missus Wookie said...

Happy Anniversary. So nice to see you all together :)