Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday: market, bakery, dentist, beach and burning tires.

Supper last night the team tried fresh coconut from the donated ones and coconut water, coconut candy, chocolate pod pulp, and fresh coarse ground Haitian coco along chicken rice.

This morning following breakfast Cory and John Pierre showed them the market.

Some purchased tin lamps or machettes. Cory bought vegetables and cooking bananas.

They then visited the bakery. Fresh bread!

Anna, Eli and I stayed home to fit in a bit of school.

Dr. Winick talked a bit before lunch about the dental program and his dreams before we prayed with him.

Following lunch we headed down to the coast for some beach time along with a fair number of our neighbors.

Visited one church and saw another before arriving to the beach.

Right after arriving a phone call let us know that the road near Port Margot would be likely blocked so we should not stay long.

Folks unhappy with the road conditions around town started burning tires in protest after road repairs started further down the road.

We had passed the road crew and two policeman who were on location on the way to the beach.

We enjoyed our time at the beach.

Praise the Lord we did not find the road blocked or angry protesters on our way home.

Showers before supper.

I learned when I turned on the computer to update the blog that a friend of ours, who served in Haiti for 26 years, went to be with the Lord this morning.

 Please pray for Keith Flanagan's family.
 Memorial Information.