Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pastors share, garden tour and home visits.

Supper smells fill the house as the cooks work on the second batch of coconut candy, moringa, chaya and left overs.

Last night the team experienced the steady sound of rain on a tin roof as we received at least 6 inches last night.

The rain noise helped cover the barking dogs and roosters.

Kody, our cat pointed out a large centipede on the breaker box this morning which Cory captured to show the team.

Breakfast the team tried Haitian hot chocolate, cornmeal mush, and fresh mango.

Then Pastor Jonas shared with the group and answered questions for a short time.

We ended with prayer for him.

Then Cory took them on a garden tour around campus.

A bit muddy so some only walked part of the tour while other's hiked through the lower garden.

Pastor Rigo then talked for almost an hour to the group and answered questions as well help the team to  understand more about the medical ministry and the youth work of the district.
P. Rigo

Home visit.

We prayed for him before lunch.

The new food for the team to try at lunch was Haitian spaghetti and a new type of fried cooking banana.

Then the team had a chance to look at a few Haitian paintings that were for sale.

After rest time we split into two groups and headed out for home visits to houses of Kid's club children.
Mme. John Pierre

The original list needed to be cut down because part of the homes were too close to the protest the condition of the road and others were in areas just to muddy to walk to easily.

We hear that the UN is involved and tear gas, firing in the air....

Prayers appreciated for the team as they will be traveling to the airport early on Saturday morning and then Cory will need to return home.

The home visits my group did went very well.

Cory's group also watched the making of the flat cassava bread.

Eli lent out two more books for the Book Herder project.

Clouds rolling in so I'll sign off and try to add some pictures before our connection grows weak.

Cory showing vanilla pollination. 

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