Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Prayer walk, Children's Club and Book Herder.

Tuesday's afternoon's sun is almost sunk behind the mountains.

Another full, busy day making me really pray that tomorrow afternoon the weather cooperates for us to visit the beach.

The morning started out with our visits to pray for the sick and elderly.

I think we visited 10 different homes and in a couple homes we prayed for two people.

Most of the homes I had visited with the Warsaw team.

One house I met a young man who the Warsaw/MI team prayed for but did not met.

 His sister was present for both visits.

 He received news in Port-au-Prince that he has 'cancer in the blood' and needs to go to the Dominican Republic or USA for treatment.

A few houses later much better news awaited when the mother of young girls who attend Kid's Club reported that 8 days ago she accepted the Lord as her Savior.

This couple later gave us 14 coconuts!
During our visit with the first team she told them she wasn't ready yet but allowed us to pray with her. I remembered to bring along a Creole tract this time to give her as well.

The 92 year old lady from the first visit was not home as she was healthy enough to be out visiting neighbors.

Once back to campus the team did a bit of shopping before lunch.

Many interesting items made in Haiti brought for their viewing and buying pleasure by John Pierre's brother.

This gives our teams a low pressure chance to buy some souvenirs.

At two the team, Cory and Anna loaded into the big rented truck to visit Limbeè. Pastor Denord asked the team to hold a children's program to encourage the pastor who's attempting to start a regular children's program.

The team spent last night putting together the colored beads so today they passed those out without having the children put them together.

Lyric again talked about how sins block our blessings from the Lord. The children enjoyed the balloon passing, popping game prior to learning the verse.

[The skit scrip had been left behind so they skipped that part which helped them return to campus close to on time.]

Eli and I remained home to prepare for the Grand Opening of the Book Herder Library.

We started signing books out while we waited for the team to arrive. Pastor Diecel planned the opening ceremony.

Eli learned at noon he would be expected to make a speech!

We sang, had a small devotional, prayed, reviewed the rules, took questions, listened to Eli's speech and then he declared the library open.

Twenty books were checked out.

The library will be open twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Supper and devotions.

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