Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Road Protests Escalate. Pray

Details trickle up to our home as the morning moves on toward noon.

 Today the atmosphere on campus remains quiet due to the lack of school or any machines on the road. 

But the quiet does not mean peaceful as an underlining feel of tension comes with the updates.

And once the air filled with a distant chop of helicopter blades-likely the UN over by Port Margo.

Rice huller and corn grinder just down the road.

The road protests escalated last night. What we hear may or may not be true but surely parts would be.

Someone working with the police went around town identifying the homes of folks involved in the road protest.

This angered folks in Port Margot so they went after the man / group who then fled back to the police station.

The angry folks started fires around the brick building and vandalized a privet car.

Angry or fearful people fired guns.
Corn day.

Fights broke out.

One dead. Other's injured.

Mme. Rosemary showed up to work for Mme. Fanny today.

Mme. Fanny's oldest son, warned by family not to get involved in political issues is now missing.

Reportedly badly beat up it is unknown at this time if he's in hiding or been taken. The family wails in fear.

His wife too received some blows-I don't know how badly she's suffering.

Tomorrow Cory planned to pick up a two week visitor from the airport.

We reached him with the news that someone else may met him and to keep our phone numbers handy.

Please join us in praying for peace. That the Lord would work in lives, soften hearts, protect lives, open eyes and ears to His peace and freedom.

He does not mind the road conditions. 
How sad to have people die over a rough road.

The road is better than many in Haiti.

The real protest was that other areas of the road were being worked on first before Port Margot.

Lord give folks patience. Lord removed the need for revenge. Lord cool tempers. Lord grant peace. Lord protect people. Lord pour Your love on this situation.


Missus Wookie said...

Holding them all in the light.

Kris Thede said...

Thank you!