Saturday, April 13, 2013

Road Open-thank you for the prayers.

The end of the week flew by-sorry for not updating sooner.

Thank you for the prayers.

By Wednesday the road toward Cap remained open although anyone who traveled to Port Margot for market day got turned back by the Haitian police.

Cory and Scott went to market today and reported [Cory didn't have our camera along] that the police station did mostly burn down along with an old pick-up truck. While the front of the station was brick the back burnt down. They did not see one policeman in Port Margot this morning.

We hear that the police were to release all the folks they locked up following the protests.

No word yet from Mme. Fanny about her son. As of Friday she still was not feeling well.

Cory did pick up Scott on Wed. and with his interests in plants and medicine we've enjoyed talking with him. He plans to go with Cory next week to visit LaGonave.
Eli and Anna worked very hard on school work this week and we're very close to the 50% mark of our school year.

Cory's guys moved breadfruit trees from pots to large plastic sacks getting ready for distribution.

The baby Artemisia plants continue to grow in their trays. 

Stamped 33 new books [mostly bought by Cory on Wed. while in Cap] for the Book Herder project.

Continue to work on translation of additional topics for the Konsey book, the 1st aid handout as well as getting an E-mail update ready to go and some thank you letters for next week's mail.

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