Sunday, April 21, 2013

LaGonave, Beach, Surprise.

Cory and the guys enjoyed the time on LaGonave.

They visited a few projects on the Wesleyan campus like the hospital [old and new] the gardens, the new guest house...

 They stayed at the Starfysh guest house and visited the new Okipe Children's Village.

Stopped in to order out at a new restaurant that John-tiny helped to landscape.

Visited with a few of our friends but did not have time to visit everyone.

On the boat ride back they enjoyed seeing about 20 dolphins swim by the boat.

Meanwhile Eli, Anna and I did school.

No French this week as our French teacher traveled to Port au Prince a week or two ago.

As of yesterday he is not back.

Friday, unexpectedly John Pierre returned from Cap Haitian with a large white envelope for us.

Our second level adoption paperwork made lots of paperwork to figure out. Surprise!

Yesterday we took Scott and Cory's crew to the beach.

A beautiful day, with only 3 boys on the beach with us.

A friendly sand castle competition.

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The Bronkema Family... said...

Next time we are in for the sand castle competition! =)