Monday, March 11, 2013

W/M Team Monday.

The sun is setting over the mountains as another day draws to an end.

This morning we started off a bit cloudy and we questioned if the weather would be good enough for drying laundry but with small amounts of sun two loads did dry.

The dental tool cupboard now stands proudly in his consulting room. Dr. Winick should of went with the Starfysh team to the mountains of LaGonave.

His wife has been helping out most afternoons with the Bible classes as a monitor.

Painting occurred in the Child Surviver Program's new office.

Cory and I worked on paperwork while Eli and Anna worked on school. Other's cleaned up the guest house.

Before lunch Pastor Rigo stopped in to share about the medical ministry, his church and working with the youth.

 He shared how he ended up with all three of these important jobs.

How he prayed for a way to help this community get dental care.

Anna and Peggy made brownies.

Massage class in the gazebo started out with 2 ladies, then two nursing students joined and finally about a dozen ladies and one gentleman from the adult literacy class.

This ended up overlapping a bit with the Bible class but all worked out.

Following the story of Daniel and the lion's den we learned a verse and passed out stickers.

Prayer walks in two groups covered 9 of the Kid's Club families.

At each house we greeted the families, asked for prayer requests, prayed and took photos.

Cathy returned to a house that she visited last year in the yard where the witch doctor's family lived.

While the same people were not present this year we shared with those who were that she'd remember during the last year to pray for the gardens.

One of the directors of Kid's Club and his family.
Many folks asked for prayers for a home or house, protection, God's blessings, and that children do well in school.

Eli and Anna will be sharing devotions this evening following brownies and supper dishes.

The team did confirm their flight out of Cap Haitian on Wednesday morning.

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