Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Full, Final Team Day.

Pastor Jonas

 WHEW!!! Everyone's walk speed slowed down today especially this afternoon.

After breakfast Pastor Jonas can up and talked about his jobs [Pastor, District treasurer, Grade school administrator, in charge of campus, on hospital board, student of education ......

After answering questions from the team we prayed for him.

Then I headed out with the team following John Pierre to visit the 6 homes he'd prioritiezed as needing prayers for illness and health.

Several of the people were young people who's health issues [head aches, foot swelling, abdominal pain] kept them from going to school or forced them to return home after starting college in bigger cities.

 After singing a short, Christian song or sharing a verse we'd pray [one in English followed by one in Creole] and then take pictures if folks were willing, which all today were.

Leaving the first house we met the next door neighbor by the gate who requested we come to her house for a moment and pray for her and her family.

So we did.

We made a total of 7 visits during the morning walk.

We prayed for one lady who's 92 years old and suffers from sores that open monthly and from body weakness and pain.

We also prayed for a couple. He's been sick for over 9 years following 20 days of 'uncousiouness' I'd guess he had a stroke.

He's 80 and the wife is 70. They live alone in a partially build house because all of their 7 children live in bigger towns. They accepted the Lord as young people.

Because we'd passed the rice/corn mill on our 2 hours prayer walk we stopped in for a quick look before returning to campus.

Lunch. Put laundry out. Rested a bit.

At 2 Fre. Dieucel who works with the school stopped in to tell the team thank you and pray with them.

His jobs include school administration, pastor of a church in Cap Haitian, a college student in seminary with over  a year to go, Kid's club leader and a new position on the Book Herder's commiett.

Following today's pattern after asking for specific prayer requests we prayed in both languages.

Pastor Jonas's family.
Then we visited Pastor Jonus's house and prayed with his wife and three children.

Next Pastor Emmanuel's home and prayed with his wife, one son, grandson and himself.

Then just after 3 p.m. we arrived at the church for the last Bible class. Only the children who lived on campus had arrived and each received a small banana.

To fill a bit of time while we waited we did a bit of question and answer with John Pierre and he took the opportunity to thank the team for all that they did.

 Even the Kid's Club leaders appeared to be on low energy but once we started and more children arrived the pace picked up.

Today's story consisted of the firely furnace. Then they learned a verse. To the delight of all the children each one of the team was called up one by one to lead 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' first slow and then fast.

When we finished as a whole group the 20th time we still needed more energy to get through several verses of Father Abramam and Deep and Wide.

Stickers and then one young lady thanked the team and a second one prayed for their trip tomorrow.

Cory took part of the team up with the truck to the cell tower while the others started to pack and put things away.

I'll share tonight about prayer and we will have a wrap up time with the team.

Tomorrow they need to leave campus at 5:30 a.m. to go to the airport. Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you to the sending churches and families who shared these special people with us.

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