Sunday, March 10, 2013

Team Sunday

Supper completed but not yet the dishes.

An interesting day with the time change as our local folks did not realize the change until their radio programs came on early.

I suspected that we would heading to church to early when I saw our pastor still not ready for church when he should of been.

So after an early breakfast we then were told that because no announcements were made service would be held at the old time.....after 45 minutes we received a phone call to come down to church.

Everyone said a few words during the visitor greeting time and I think enjoyed the service.

A visiting pastor talked on Matt 15:21-28, on being persistent with our prayers when we know that only the Lord can help you with your problems.

We need to know Him, believe and put all our confidence in Him and He will met our needs.

Lunch of stir fry chicken/vegetables on rice and coconut cream pie.

After a bit of a rest we headed for Bible class.

Although we'd been told the Fauche would be first because Port Margot started at 2 and on time we ended up going there first giving the local children a chance to come.

Pastor Denord heading to a meeting at Limbeé turned around to greet the team and then continued on his way.

After sharing the story of Jonah and the whale [complete with a water spray bottle spraying the crowd during the storm], singing head/shoulders/knees/toes, introductions and passing out verses and bracelets we loaded up again and returned to Fauche.

The children were waiting and sang a couple of songs while we set up. Again they enjoyed the story and learned the verse.

Tonight's supper cleaned up some leftovers and the team enjoyed Cory's stove top bread pudding.

Dr. Winick called again from LaGonave to let us know that he's enjoying his first visit to LaGonave and working with the team.

Saw today a news article about the team he joined, check it out Starfysh Dental Team

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