Friday, March 8, 2013

Unsettling Blessing. Red Alert

Life events can be very unexpected, especially the first time they happen and one occurred today.

Early afternoon turned out to be a rather busy time of day while we dealt with many little details.

After the team enjoyed lunch they shopped a bit with a couple vendors we arranged to visit campus. I tried to squeeze in a science test for Anna before the time arrived to translate for the massage class, and Cory dealt with some laundry, kitchen clean up. We also tried to review plans.

Seeing two ladies come up the walk I assumed that they were looking for the massage class but when I went out to tell them where they could wait I was surprised that they did not come for class but because God sent them to pray for us.

Thankfully Cory was still in the house as they said they could not wait but needed to be going.

So we stood on our front step [so I could keep an eye on my student] while the two church ladies sang about the Lord hiding us in the cleft of the rock and under His wing.

They then prayed for us. For safety. For protection at each door and window of our house to protect us from evil and curses. To protect our family and our children, our house. They prayed for blessings.

While I greatly appreciate people praying for me I’ve never been told that the Lord sent a ‘dream’ or vision to pray for us.

As they sang and prayed a small part of my brain could not help but wonder what event [s] the Lord sent them to pray for protection? Would their prayers be enough? Will we know and recognize why they were told to come pray for us now at this time?

These questions cause the unsettled feeling. Like learning one will be having a pop quiz or test soon. I mentally reviewed my problem areas, relationships and obligations. I prayed for the Lord to show me any spots I need to deal with at this moment.

 Prayed a few times since the ladies visited, like packing my first aid box: courage, strength, wisdom, patience, compassion, endurance, faith....and anything else the Lord know’s we will be needing!

Feel that the Lord increased the alert level to Red.

I'm not quiet sure what to make of it as I don’t remember similar warnings in the past before big spiritual battles or crises: hurricanes, earthquakes, political instability.

So to our key partners on our prayer team-consider yourselves on alert too! Keep praying!


Lindsey Kingsbury said...

Overwhelming to know He loves us that personal and intense. To God be the Glory!

Edd Russell said...

Maybe something big is on the horizon or perhaps they just prayed to bless and encourage you. I love it when people want to pray for me.

That they prayed for protection, that is something we need all the time in enemy territory. If we get to where we don't think we need it, then we're sure to stumble.