Friday, March 8, 2013

Team Friday. Massages, paint, garden tour...

Another nice morning start.

After breakfast the team split up a bit. Kimberly we set up in the gazebo to give some massages.

Both the ladies cooking for us went down and really enjoyed their massages.

They remarked it did not hurt like when they've had massages before and was very relaxing.

Mme. Rosemary reported that her son-in-law Dr. Winick called to let them know he arrived safely on LaGonave.

Most of the team spent the morning painting the new office space and the dividers.

 Interesting that this office already benefited from three teams: GLCC helped with the roof, His Hands made the dividers and now W/M making it look great with the paint.

No school today because of the Volleyball matches in Port Margot so they can sing to their hearts content [not that I've heard them yet].

The dental cabinet received it's final coat of paint this morning as well.

Other small jobs like laundry, cleaning of the guest house, filtering water, burning trash, watering plants, correspondence [mine] and school work filled up the rest of the morning.

Lunch consisted of our traditional Friday pizza and some coleslaw.

 Last night at supper the educational spotlight shown on bread nuts and included the opportunity to try some semi-mature ones.

 The cooks did the work of peeling them though so they did not get the whole bread nut experience.

After lunch the team looked over some souvenirs from a couple vendors who made arrangements to show items to the team.

 [Check the other blog for today for an interesting afternoon event]

As Anna, Kimberly and I went down for massage class those who wanted a garden tour followed Cory.

 One older lady who'd received a massage in the morning was the only one in church so she received a second massage.

 I'd prayed with her in the morning after she shared how hungry she was [also shared a couple bananas] and how her knees hurt and how much help she needed.

 I'd told her then to see one of the Pastors on campus as she reported her normal church wasn't helping but she hadn't seen a pastor.

 So after her massage one of the children hanging out brought her to Pastor Jonus's house.

After a while about 7 nursing students came for the class. A few volunteered to have demonstration massages and I also received one.

By the end of class we covered most of the body and asked the nurses to practice on each other this weekend so that if any questions come up Kimberly can answer them early next week.

Throughout the day we also enjoy getting time to know the team members better chatting at meals, in-between projects and after supper.

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