Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sea salt, cutting and cooking.

A cloudy, cool day but still we headed to the beach. 
The big truck arrived shortly after 8 a.m. and we gave a ride to members of three different Fauche volleyball teams, dropping them off for their day of matches in Port Margot.

We enjoyed the green scenery along the river and stopped to see two of the Wesleyan churches, Nazaret and Galilee, before stopping at the beach.

 Due to the cloudy, cool weather we enjoyed the beach all by our selves. 

This beach adventure included waves, unlike every other time we visited Shooshoo when the water remained calm. 

All but Cory and Eli ventured into the water to test their strength against the waves and most of us experienced the full taste of sea swimming! 

Yuck...still salty. 
At one point Anna began to yell and put her foot above the water. 

She thought she'd stepped on a sea urchin but a small white crab with strong pinchers was stuck between her toes!!

She then played with him a short while after faking the dramatic photo until he got away.

Chilly ride back to Fauche but the sun occasionally poked through the clouds. 

Lunch we managed on our own which didn't take much as it consisted of warming up left overs. 
We turned around just ahead where the sea's on the right! Not much room to spare.
Think Cory's 15 person limit was stretched. 5 up front.
This afternoon the guys and Peggy went to Port Margot with Cory. 

While he shopped they cheered on the local volleyball teams. Port Margot won their match!

Those who didn't go washed dishes, filtered water, prepared vegetables for stir fry tomorrow after church, made two kinds of coconut pie, took in laundry, helped with supper and prepared for two locations of Bible class tomorrow afternoon. 

Genner blocking anyone else from getting on the truck. Thankfully the trip home is less than 2 miles. 

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Missus Wookie said...

Definitely think there are more than fifteen... 'always room for one more'?

The crab sounds painful but the beach sounds nice.