Saturday, March 16, 2013

Returning to 'Normal'

The team left three mornings ago and things continue to return to post-team normal.

The team made it safely to their homes very late on Wednesday!

Mme. Charles who requested prayer.
Laundry on Wednesday sunshine allowed three loads and Thursday we managed four loads.

Still a couple loads remain but doubtful that they will be completed today.

We learned on Thursday that the pastor training originally scheduled for next week needed to be postponed.

This gives Eli and Anna an extra week to clean the House of Hope in preparation for the KCC [Kentwood Community Church, Grand Rapids, MI] team.
Kid's Club home visit

Cory found this out when he called Pastor Carl to ask if his timber bamboo could possibly get a ride from Irvine's to our place.

So we pondered how to get the plants up before they got too big to be easily transported in a normal size truck.

A call to Pastor Denord asking if he knew anyone making the trip occurred right on time.

He and 5 pastors were leaving on Friday morning for Irvine's.

They headed South in our truck yesterday morning and should return today along with the bamboo!

Cory received a package of rare fruit seeds from Puerto Rico on Thursday including: candle fruit, randia formosa berry, gondo berry, cuachilote  (looks like oakra and reported to taste like sugar cane) and a mangosteen relative with fruit that tastes something like tart mango/apricot.

Eli's received 32 library cards for his Book Herder project.

He signed these family cards and we will number and laminate them.

Friday the weather turned wet and cold.

This morning when the Fauche volleyball teams heading to Cap Haitian for a day of matches the temperature was 70˚ and wet.

Thankful for sweatshirts and blankets. Cory was asked if he thought it was cold when taking the volleyball team photos here.

Correspondence, cleaning up in-boxes, school work, putting stuff away, writing an e-mail update, working on taxes, correcting school-work, studying round out our days and the week.

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