Monday, March 18, 2013

Books, bamboo and blessings

A bright sunny start to the week following a cloudy cool weekend.

Saturday three of us worked on the family library cards for the Book Herder project.

We decided to number the cards in 4 different colors so that if the day arrives when dividing into groups is needed because of the limited number of books, each group will already have a color.

Saturday the truck returned along with Cory's two timber bamboo starts.

Once he can propagate more plants he will start to disperse this very large bamboo.

Care will be needed in choosing the locations as the tall bamboo will produce shade limiting what can grow close by it.

Yesterday the Fauche Wesleyan Church Women celebrated with a special service rounding out a week of special services.

We enjoyed the decorations, three special music groups including the women visiting from the Port Margot* church, a good sermon about throwing far away anything that will prevent us from running the Christian race and then a special offering.

A blessing to worship with the women and rejoice with them while being encouraged in our faith at the same tim.

* [How to say Port Margot. Anna was informed by a friend this week that by pronouncing the T in "Port" she sounded like a foreigner. Interesting that after all these years I never questioned why we dropped the T on Margot and not on port.]

Tomorrow Cory plans on sharing some fruit trees and plants near Cap.

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