Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Post-team glow and fatigue.

Team left the dark compound shortly after 5:30 a.m. after we enjoyed a last meal together.

They were checked in at the airport by close to 7:30 for their 9 a.m. flight to the USA.

We assume all is well!

If you went to camp as a kid, or take a vacation away as an adult you know what I'm feeling.

A great time with the team. Lots of interesting, positive, memory making experiences while getting to know old and new friends better takes energy.

Lots of energy!

Energy's expending with: the change of routine, making sure everyone's experiences go as well as possible, dealing with the multitude of small decisions needed to be made to feed and care for 7 or more additional people, answering questions and inter-personal interactions, additional language translation, shorter sleeping, and change in diet.....

Getting back to 'normal' also takes energy and time. Second load of team laundry in the washer and I plan to get a third in yet today, sheets as they dry faster than clothes or towels.

 I've spent some time putting tools and stuff back into their normal locations. I've started to sort some of the donated items so that they can be distributed soon.

Even our bedrooms require some straightening and cleaning as with the business of the team we just cannot quit get things put away like we do normally in my house.  Priorities shift position when the addition responsibilities of hosting fall on each of our shoulders.

Yesterday's older couple's kitchen.
Hosting teams = positive? YES!
Hosting teams = time and energy consuming? YES!
Hosting teams = enjoyable? YES!
Hosting teams = full time? NOPE!

We need to recharge. I know some folks can do this close to every day of the year and I'm thankful to have been blessed by many of them who run great guest houses! Thank you!

The Lord did not call us to run a guest house and therefore did not equip us with the personalities and skills to host teams full time. We realize this and make an intentional effort to limit teams and space them out so we can recharge and be ready to give 100% to the next group who comes for a visit.

We also know that many of you pray extra when we have teams and your prayers provide us with the extra energy and organizational skills we need to do a good job hosting visitors. Thank you!

So for the next couple of weeks I'll drop back to my normal level of blogging. We will spend more time on school, office work, translation, and preparing for the Kentwood Community Church team [Cory's mom's team] to come the day before Easter.

We want to thank again each person who supported this team with prayer. The sending churches. The families who gave up time with the team members so they could come. Those who stepped up and took on additional responsibilities to cover so that the different team members could come.

Still smiling at 92. 
Thank you. We enjoyed every one and every day of this team. Thank you for helping make this possible.

Thank you in the name of the Northern District of the Wesleyan Church of Haiti, for the Fauche community, for our staff and our family.

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