Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring.

Actually we do not notice much difference here in 'Spring', other than warmer days.
Loaded and ready to go.

But I change our small flags that hang in the living room and school room to reflect the seasonal change in the North.

After a weekend of rainy weather Cory's eager to be planting and outside working in the dirt but needs to find time to work on accounting and taxes!

Yesterday he headed out after watering some nursery plants and trees.

Looks like they could use some edible landscaping. 
The truck already loaded the night before headed East to deliver some fruit trees to a local orphanage.

The guys traveled along with him and after finding good locations for the various trees around a new home they spent some time planting them before heading home.

Not sure of all the plants they brought but know they had banana plants, mulberry, chaya and more but my plant guy is not here to list them so..

Cory enjoy's sharing his trees and plants especially to goat-free locations.

Today their task required a much lighter touch as they transplanted very small Artemisia plants into separate sections.

Cory after starting Jenner and Evon on this project remembered a consultation request to check out Brother Benjamin's cabbage croup so they jumped in the truck to find out what's going on at his place.
Eli, Anna and I continue to work on our school year, week 15. 

Today we started late as usual on Wednesdays because of my chatting on-line with my folks.

Not even 5 minutes into the start of school we received the shocking news from Cory that the pastors would be meeting this afternoon in the House of Hope.
The same House of Hope we planned to clean next week, combining post- and pre- team cleaning into one event!

So rapidly we gathered cleaning supplies and went down for a quick organization, dusting, sweeping and bathroom cleaning.

Sad how fast good time management mutated to look into procrastination!

But we did a good job and still managed to fit in some quality school work before lunch.

School difficulty pushed up a bit this week and next by the sounds of our neighborhood children enjoying pre-Easter vacation!

No hot water. No clothes dryer. But how many people can enjoy orchids right next to their clothes line?

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Missus Wookie said...

Orchids are rare here in snowy London except in Kew's glasshouses. Never seen a clothes line there :)