Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 9th

Yesterday after cinnamon rolls, fresh bananas and grapefruit the work day began. The 'normal' tasks of school and laundry occurred.

The delivery bench received another coat of paint [the reddish brown coat is rustoleum] as well as a a new front.

The men worked on the main plumbing job on the to-do list of installing a 300 gallon water cistern on the roof of the clinic laboratory.

Now when the campus cistern is empty, which happens a lot of the time as the guest house, clinic/hospital, school and other campus locations all share that supply, the clinic will be able to use their tank.

A bit of scraping occurred in the waiting room but not much as people were busy with other jobs and yesterday's weather turned out warmer, 87 degrees and muggy.

After lunch break Cory drove the team across the river to visit some local gardens and some of Gener's family.

They visited a chair maker who graciously allowed them to take a look inside the house. After returning to the compound they also visited Cory's gardens.

Cory made an appointment for the technician to check out our internet system for Tuesday.

Last night when Cory checked our system worked just a few minutes on and off.

This morning it is working better but I wonder when it will go off again.

Our local electrician took a look at an old part that burned out last year and noticed the water damage. Cory thinks that is still the problem.

The team enjoyed fried breadfruit and sweet potatoes.

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Peter Olson said...

I would say water and electricity don't mix, but I know that Wire Electrical Discharge Machines work just fine.
I think that Cory is right on the problem with the internet connection.
Have a great day and have a Happy Valentine's Day (in advance)