Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday Feb. 10th.

Should of typed this up yesterday to help me remember better but will do my best now that our internet is working again.

In the morning the guys worked on making wooden cupboards for the medical records area. Both our mom's worked on repainting the delivery table and celebrated the purchase of one spay bottle of white paint to get in the hard spots.

A bit of school occurred followed by a small amount of scraping. Cory looked at our satellite dish and found that the receiver was missing a gasket therefore not waterproof. He took it apart and let it dry out overnight. A short rain shower this afternoon delayed putting it back together but as this blog shows-he got us connected again.

Early lunch as we planned to travel to the beach. Not only our team and the 3 guys who work with Cory went but also a bunch of their children. Both benches of the big truck were full up. We stopped at the Nazareth church to see the school and church. A sewing class was in session at the time working on two treadle machines.

Our beach time was enjoyed by all [so much that we forgot about the camera-sorry but here is a picture from last year]. Part of the road between us and the coast is now paved!! We passed a road crew working their way toward our home so we hope that they plan to smooth out and pave all the way to Limbée. We enjoy having fun with our neighbors outside of a normal work day or church.

The water a bit cool for some of us with occasional warm spots which all to fast moved on with the waves. Cory forgot his cell phone in his pocket....waiting to see if he can recover it or not. A family we know working with the Limbée University were also at the beach so we visited a bit.

Once home we showered off the salty and sandy reminders of our beach time and following supper watched an old Ma and Pa Kettle movie.

I would of posted pictures of the work but the computer decided to hid them from me. If I can find where they went I'll post at a later time. Want to get this blog posted so those of you who continue to check for news can have an update to read.

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dan said...

I love Ma and Pa Kettle I have fond memories of watching them with my dad. They definitly don't make funny movies like they use to.