Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11 Box Day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is BOX day! I'm looking forward to the Sonlight boxes with our next years worth of school supplies. We have 32 days of this year to go. I will be organizing my teacher's paperwork, reading some of the books and making a list of supplies before our trip to the States in May.

Box day for Cory is two boxes of banana pups. The first order is doing well and Cory may be able to start planting them in the earth. Today he and the guys went down and collected some charcoal dirt and plan to get a load or so of rice hulls. They also worked on making a lockable pump house to protect the new well pump.

The channels are done so will wait until the next big rain to see how things work and if any improvements need to be made.

Arranged to speak at our fifth church today-the Sundays are filling up. We are also planning a open house in Allegan on May 16th. Hope to see some of you there.
P.S. Just saw the cargo weights for us on the flight tomorrow. They must not of had room for the books-so sad.

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