Monday, March 9, 2009

9 March 09

It was a chilly 59 degrees this morning. But we managed to get up and an early school start before 7 am . Why you ask are we trying to start school earlier? Because in eight weeks we will heading to the States who just jumped ahead of us. So we'd rather adjust slowly than all at once.

Cory's men are working today again on the water channels for when we get 16 inches in four days or 8 inches in one. This should improve the garden in that area of the compound. It is sunny out but with a cold breeze from the ocean.

School is school. Enjoying the books but today seems to be "Grumble about math and language day". I must of missed that memo-caught me a bit off guard.

I saw nine patients today. Was able to share some Moringa powder with a lady who is caring for her 11 month old cousin who is only4.4 kg [9.7 pounds] Gave out a few Creole Christian children's books and a few tracts as well. Still struggle with the patient's names but today a nice gentleman would come into my room, read the name, and then go find the person in question. Some grumbling when I left to return to school -but calmly explained that I had to do school and pointed out that I had helped them by reducing their wait time for Dr. Vixamen.

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