Friday, February 6, 2009

6 Feb. 09

Sunshine! This morning we woke up to 65 degrees and rain. Cory made hot oatmeal to warm everyone up. Not good painting weather but if the sun stays out or the rain just stays away-mom and I will paint this afternoon.

Team remains healthy and in good spirits despite the weather.

Cory was forced inside for some of yesterday and this morning-so had to work on office work. Not his favorite as you can see but needs to get done. He is learning a new accounting program-I'm very thankful that he does the books and not me.

Dad and Gene built this cupboard to hold the sink that will go into the Dearest house. Now we just have to located and buy a small sink. Today they started on bunk beds for the House of Hope-with a small fan club. No school today on the account of rain.

Eli and Anna on the other hand are again working on finishing up two days of school work today, so that when the sun does shine they can have outside time.

Ron continues to work on the eclectic wiring around the compound. Gerda is cooking up great meals. And Sadie is helping Anna with school while Mom works more with Eli.

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