Saturday, February 7, 2009

7th of Feb. 09

Our sunshine yesterday didn't last very long and it continues to rain. We are now up to 14 inches this week. Please pray for sunshine next week so that we can pain and lay block. Gene and Dad are talking about a duck project as the chickens are not enjoying the rain.

I have also heard talk about building an ark. But we are on the top of the compound so no puddles yet.

Dad and Gene are working on a couple of bunk beds for the House of Hope. They are almost through the lumber that was bought so will need to place another order. Ron worked to put in a ground on the House of Hope and did some additional work on the Dearest House.

Gerda worked with the cooks to make cinnamon buns, backed beans and friend breadfruit. Tonight we will have beef soup. Fresh beef today so I was able to enjoy my new knife set from the folks!

Cory took a break from office work to go to the Port Margot market. Here is $1 dollars worth of breadfruit, potatoes and garlic.
We are in no danger of running out of food but feel sorry for the local Haitians. Most only buy enough food to eat each day-with consecutive days of rain there is not much to buy or sell in the market. Many families will have been without food for the last few days. Again please pray for sun.

On the other hand pray for LaGonave to get rain. These rainy days are localized to the North. This time of year is very dry on LaGonave-also proving a problem for the families who's gardens are not producing.


Peter Olson said...

I will pray for the rain to fall in the right places! God Bless You!
Peter J. Olson

Marc said...

Oh, too late for the ark - it took Noah about 98 years to do that.

Thanks for serving!