Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 Feb. Sunshine!

"My or my what a wonderful day" and other songs were heard ringing around the place today. A FULL day of SUN!!

Cory hasn't returned from Cap Haitian yet but he called with the great news that the banana plants were through customs without a problem, look great and they said he could bring in more. He has also located a sink during his shopping. He was able to get some more fruit trees planted yesterday between his travel days.

White paint both second and first coats went onto doors, ceiling slats, bunk bed frames. Finished up the yellow trim on the House of Hope. Second coat of varnish is on the Dearest House's kitchen cupboard and a bit on the sink cupboard which was also worked on today.

More cement work was done on the tool shed. The picture above was yesterday morning-and this is where it is today. A few holes were patched on the House of Hope roof and some of the tin screwed down.

Eli had his first lesson on running the washing machine. Anna and others helped with the hanging of the clothes and we were able to get four loads done. Our machine is very slow so a load can take close to two hours.

Gerda continues to work on the curtains for the Dearest House.

Ron and Sadie wrote that they made it back to Michigan yesterday and the rain followed them. Thanks for taking it with you-send some to LaGonave.

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