Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photos from 10 Feb.

Computer refused to work yesterday and so had to wait until Cory returned to be able to use it again. So glad that Cory has learned somethings about computers.

Ron and Sadie left. The sun was out now and then but they covered the bags anyway to prevent mud from splashing on them during the trip. They saw some of Cap Haitian as Cory went shopping. He almost put a front wheel down an open man-hole but managed to avoid it. They flew out of Haiti in the late afternoon.

Curtains for the Dearest house. Ceiling going up with some grumbles-the house is to small to hold the saw so they have to cover it up during the rain showers.

School continues with Grandma's help. Only two pastors braved the rain to come to English class but we had a good class anyway. We reviewed some sport's headlines that made no sense if translated directly and also reviewed emotions.

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