Friday, February 13, 2009

13th Feb. Banana plants

More sun, more painting, more varnishing, more school, more laundry, more cooking more carpentry were done today. Team continues to enjoy the sunshine and get work done.

Here is happy Cory with his trays of happy banana and plantain plants. They made the trip well. These should be resistant to the two serious banana illnesses that kill or weaken most of the bananas and plantains in our area.

Cory should be able to import more banana plants like these in the future as he had no trouble with customs. He checked with several missions that have agricultural work and the Ministry of Agriculture but couldn't find a source of the resistant bananas in North Haiti that could share more than a few plants.

Bananas you may know are a plant that dies after one bunch of fruit. Depending on the type the plant will form 1-8 off-shoots in a year which then grows in the parent plant's place.

Cory hopes to be able to rapidlsy propagate more trees from each parent tree using techniques from ECHO and to teach these techniques to the Haitian gardeners who are interested.

The star fruit tree is doing well.

Also Cory is corresponding with a group in Hawaii (National Tropical Botanical Gardens) about additional breadfruit types to extend the harvest season. He took some pictures to E-mail to them to identify the local varieties.

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