Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21 Jan 09

Windy out with a breeze and 81 degrees. Clouds covering the sun. The smell of fresh cut grass and sounds of kids playing are in the air. I can also hear the guys working in the garden, Anna chatting and Eli in the kitchen working on science.

Yesterday Cory tried to help a few guys see the Presidential Inauguration but... We rarely watch video feed on the computer and never for very long. So about 10 Cory set up the computer for them on the table outside. Just as the important people had arrived we reached the limit of our Internet usage for the day. The rest of the day we could sent and received E-mails only very slowly and no video.

English class we talked about jail, prison, words ending in 'ay' and colors. Next week I will not be leading the class as we will be at the airport picking up the folks. YEAH for our side!

We are all trying to clean up and prepare for the team. Cory plans on picking up cargo and shopping tomorrow in Cap.

Unfortunately the banana plants he was hoping to pick up will not be on the plane. The paperwork couldn't be done on Monday-a US holiday and then they found that they need an import permit for part of the paperwork. So we don't know if we'll be able to get bananas yet.

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