Monday, January 19, 2009

19th Jan. 2009

We had fun on Saturday going to the retreat sponsored by Missionary Flights. Different members of the staff came to Haiti along with Pastor Randy and a very good college singing group [they don't have a name yet].

After some singing, fellowship, encouraging words from Pastor Randy we had a nice lunch of hot dogs, chips and cookies. Eli and Anna had fun with friends.

On Sunday we went to the Port Margot church because John Pierre's son was to be dedicated. They sent up a very good lunch for our family [Anna ate at the very crowded house]. Rice, beans, fried chicken, beet salad, fried cooking bananas, cake and pop.

This week is busy with school, plants, and getting ready for the team.

For those wondering about our small friend from Friday. That afternoon following Cory's return the baby boa was moved to a less obvious location. Haitians generally kill any snakes that they find and as we appreciate the way that boa's eat rodents we decided to try to save it's life.

Anna may like some 'girly' things but she does have a 'tomboy' side as well.


Penny said...

What a brave girl!

Peter Olson said...

That is so cool! I really like the pictures! Every creature has its purpose.

Lori said...

Lyric says she's never held a snake (I didn't realize that...) Go Anna!

Lori said...

Okay, me again, I have to say that Lyric "wants too...don't make me sound like I don't like them!"