Wednesday, January 14, 2009

14 Jan. 2009

Had hot chocolate this morning as we were a bit chilly. Nothing near you guys in the North but 70 in the tropics is cool. Sunny days and no rain but still heavy dew. Trees are growing.

We have now completed our 100th lesson of Sonlight. We rush ahead with the books that mom reads out loud. The children just told me that if we get finished early they will come up with books for me to read.

Cory spent yesterday getting things ready for a order of 700 baby banana plants from the USA next week. To fill pots and plastic sacks he went and got four truck loads of rice hulls from the local mill. The owners are related to the gardener and were happy to let him have the hulls in exchange for some plants.

The pile of hulls had partially burned-Cory didn't mind as he would of mixed in charcoal dust to improve the soil but now he will not need as much.

English class was interesting. I can hardly get anyone to talk. Finally after asking several times what topics they would find interesting we had the following list: jail, the presidential inauguration, soccer, police, and immigration. Should be interesting but not as hard as 'the universe'.

Planted another 100 Moringa seeds today. A few of them had already sprouted with a germination test. Found 3 cups with double trees and so separated them. We now have a total of 900 cups planted as part of the Moringa Mountains Project.

As part of the straighten up the house campaign yesterday we sorted video tapes. In hind-sight we should of left more video tapes on LaGonave. No one told us that they would be in danger of molding. So we packed up a large box to send back to LaGonave with videos for little children. Also had to throw out a bunch who had fuzzy mold growing on the edges of the tapes-SIGH.


Lori said...

hey, if I ever need to order fish in French at least I know who to have help! Love the "clean out the house" campaign. We need a "clean out the kids' rooms" campaign!

Peter Olson said...

70 degrees?
It was -8 this morning here. :-)
Which dirt is the good one? I mean which soil is the better soil?
Keep up the Great Good Work!
Peter J. Olson

Cory & Kris Thede said...

Lori-we work on the kids rooms from time to time. This coming week will be great ready for Grandparent's visit.

Peter-the black dirt is better. Keep warm and the nurses on their toes.