Monday, January 12, 2009

12 Jan. 2009

Bit later than normal today for the blog but been busy.

Sunday we worshiped in the newest building on the compound. It is on the medical side of the compound while the old church is next to the school. We had a large crowd and good sermon-how while life is unfaithful and can hit one down God is always faithful. This morning the school children started out the day in the same building for a time of chapel.

Eli and Anna and I managed to squeeze in almost two days of school today. Eli and I also planted 100 more Moringa seed cups. We are thrilled to report that the majority of 200 of the cups have started to grow. The replanted cups we are still watching.

Cory broke in his new mud boots on Saturday. Thanks Mom and Dad Thede. He had the guys working on the compose piles today and raking leaves. Then late in the day he and the kids went down by the school and pulled some of the plastic trash out of the leaf piles. Don't want the trash in the compose piles.

Saw five patients in clinic but had two other doctors working so I left early to continue with school. One lady I had seen a week ago and treated for cellulitis of her foot. That part was looking better but she had all these large blisters around her ankle in a ring. She confessed that she had put on leaves for the swelling-all doctors concluded that she had an allergic reaction to the leaves. Thankfully I had just brought down some allergy medication from the house. Pray it will work.

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