Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan. 16 th

1007 cups planted with Moringa Trees! We hope they don't end up as charcoal in a Haitian iron.

Depending how school goes today we may be able to plant another 100. We are getting low on seeds but Cory was going to look for some on his Agricultural trip today to Marmelade.

Cory left around 5 a.m. for the trip. He thought he would have 5-7 guys going with him. They were going to met up with agricultural workers and he was hoping to get more types of bamboo.

To get to Marmelade you have to head back on National One towards Port-au-Prince. When you come to the top of the highest mountain on the way you turn and head East. This is President Preval's hometown. Cory took the camera so we hope to have good pictures.

Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at the 4VEH radio station for a retreat day with Mission Flights International, MFI-our mail service from the States. Music, services, hot dog lunch and fellowship is on the agenda.

Yesterday Anna noticed a small snake on one of our potted flowers. A little brown boa-he stayed in the pot all day. This morning Anna found he had moved-to our table. He is just under the lip. Guess he couldn't hear well enough yesterday and decided to move closer.


Patty said...

OK that is alittle to close for me to continue anything, especially anything that takes concentration.

Jess Furrow said...

Ugg I would not be happy seeing a snake anywhere, not to mention under the table!