Thursday, November 5, 2020

First of November.

 Another week passes into history. 

School, processing artemisia, weeding, planting, fertilizing....repeat.

The guys worked a few days on the long drive way, removing brush and fixing areas with erosion.

We went to worship at the Agape House on Sunday at the old time even though Haiti officially changed clocks like the USA.

After 20+ years of living here we know that it can take a while to adjust.

Interestingly, our internet provider in the USA has yet to change the early morning unlimited bandwidth hours.

So to take advantage of that early morning window we now need to be on before 6 a.m.

The reality of this translates into breakfast and school starting an hour earlier, lunch and supper almost an hour earlier as well.

The only real change is when chatting with my folks or Anna on Messenger at night I need to be intentional about saying good-night to going to bed earlier too!

We sent out an e-mail update earlier this week, if you would like to be added to our list to receive short monthly e-mails please let us know.

We continue to try to plan with our adult kids and family about family time, realizing that we need to stay very flexible due to the possible  changing response to increasing Covid-19 cases.

Never would we have thought that travel to the USA could hold more potential health risks than living on a remote mountain ridge in Haiti.  Very strange times.

P.S. from Cory. I bought frozen lobster tails in Port au Prince to surprise Kris with a birthday meal we haven't had since living on LaGonave. I hid it in the freezer in a black plastic bag, then found it this morning nearly 3 months late. We were ALL surprised and had lobster bisque for lunch!

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