Saturday, March 21, 2020

Lots going on makes for a long week.

As for most people, I suspect, this week feels extra long. 

Life here continued as usual until Thursday when the first 2 Haiti coronavirus cases were announced, late afternoon. 

Then a state of emergency was called: schools canceled, no factory work, no groups of more than 10, ports and airports closed.  

Many Americans with flights canceled continue to look for a way to fly to the USA next week.

Calvin University told Anna and the rest of the student body that they were closing the dorms this weekend. Only international students or those with extreme situations can stay.
Eli moved her and a friend of her's who is from California into the basement apartment this afternoon. 

My folks will be increasing the internet next week for the college student's studies. 

Next week is Calvin's Spring Break, after which they will continue with on-line classes. 

Our neighbors went down to Port on Friday to shop and kindly picked up some fresh veggies for us. 

They said things were a 'zoo' as folks scrambled for the same items that people bought in the USA like cleaning supplies, food.

Food is the biggest concern as most of it comes from the Dominican Republic and the border is now closed. 

Trucks of cargo should be able to cross but much is normally carried  by merchants who would travel at least weekly across the border.

Cory's guys said as well that some merchants are not selling rice at this time, waiting for the price to go up. 

We continue to pray. As of today I've not seen any reports indicating that Haiti has additional cases..but most locations do not have testing available yet. 

Around here Fritz and I worked on school and more weeding. Cory and guys finished the patio and pond bottom. 

The hoop nursery is a bit bigger but still full of plants waiting for rainy season to plant. 

They also started making rock pillars for dragon fruit, stuffing cucumber, yam and other climbing plants.  

Eight are complete waiting for dirt to be put around (not much topsoil on that hill) and planting. 

The patio is already a happy spot for me. 

I like looking toward Port-au-Prince and the sea and praying. I like the space and being able to talk to Cory in the nursery and watch Fritz play with the dog. 

Wild oncidium orchid
The rocks and dirt came from a pile that was made with the building of the house. 

So a path is starting to take shape behind the house. 

Some of the trees and plants from the nursery will be planted by the path once the rains start. 

We don't have any lawn but as the piles disappear the landscaping looks more neat and intentional, which makes me happy!

Wednesday they will start to plant large gardens of beans and corn..sooner if we get good rains this weekend. 

Like everyone we continue to pray for family, friends, Haiti, USA and the world. Each day brings new news, adjustments, and things to pray about. Friends trying to get to the USA, with hard medical problems, hard life problems.  

One day this week we awoke to the internet not working. NOT GOOD. Praise the Lord by late afternoon it was back. 
Asparagus seedlings
Been good to be able to talk to Anna and the rest of the family about changing plans and being flexible as well as keeping a closer eye on the news. 

Praying that it continues to work well for a LONG time.

Will try to update more frequently but shorter posts in the days to come. Thank you for your prayers. 

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