Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Home without problems!

Apple before Cory picked it...tree needs to grow.
Hard to believe that only one week ago we were waiting in the airplane to leave Grand Rapids.

Our travels went very well. We updated our paperwork in record time and spent the rest of Wednesday shopping for supplies.

On Thursday we finished a bit of shopping and headed up the mountain. 

Since then we’ve worked on unpacking, organizing, and cleaning. 

The lizards and roaches playing around the house in addition to a few things that molded mean that ’spring cleaning’ was needed. 

Cory hung two lights in our kitchen that were in his parent’s kitchen when he grew up. Nice having a bit of home and more light. 

Cory grafted the 25 varieties of apple budwood and watered the apple trees. Being the dry season, one of the workers main jobs will be watering the plants and trees.

Thankfully the large water cistern under our house is only down about 4 inches.

We’ve asked Leon to find out about buying cement so that the new ‘cement pond’ can be sealed up before the rains start.

The plants in the nursery shade house also look good.

Grafting apple trees. 
Fritz and I started school back up. It is nice having all our books and supplies in once place again.

Sadly, the new cable we hoped would solve our internet problem did not. So we continue to hike for internet.

Our neighbors also made it back after holidays with family in the USA. 

Thank you for the prayers. 

Drier this year than last year

Sweet potato from the nursery dirt pile - regular dirt salvaged from driveway

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